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  Booster Groups

What are Booster Groups?
Alvord, Baker & Associates, LLC is pleased to provide former participants of our Resilience Builder Program® with the opportunity to participate in a Booster Group. The purpose of booster sessions is to maintain the skills and progress gained in
traditional group participation. Members review previously learned skills, reflect on positive and negative social experiences, and practice appropriate social responses. Booster groups will meet once a month and will be organized by age and developmental
level. Prerequisites for joining a booster group are completion of two semesters of traditional group sessions at Alvord, Baker & Associates, LLC, as well as a collaborative discussion between parents and therapist determining if this type of group would be
appropriate and beneficial for their child.

How do you know if your child is ready for a Booster Group?
You and your therapist will work together to make this decision. Your child may be ready if he/she has learned and demonstrated an understanding of group skills but needs help using these skills consistently. Your child may also be appropriate if he or she benefits from periodic reminders and demonstrations of positive social skills that occur in a therapeutic setting.

Booster Groups will begin in Fall 2011. They will take place at varying dates and times and meet once a month.

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What is the cost?
Current hourly group fee

For more information, please contact your individual or group therapist.


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