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This part of our website is still in progress and we are currently working to offer you helpful resources that are available online and elsewhere. This will be an ongoing process so we hope you will check back.

Resources by Alvord, Baker staff:

RelaxWellnessTechniquesAdult New CD Released January 2013:
Alvord, MK, Zucker, B., Alvord, B. (2013). Relaxation and Wellness Techniques: Mastering the Mind Body Connection published by Research Press(compact disc and digital). Available through Research Press and MP3’s on Amazon , and on i-Tunes.

Individal titles include:  
Calm Breathing Overcoming Phobias Short Visualization
Zen Breathing Challenging Catastrophic Thoughts Seated Eight Pieces of Brocade
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Gaining Control over Thoughts Music Only for Individual Practice
Self Talk Mindfulness

Relaxation Self RegulationChildren Teens New CD Released August 2011:
Alvord, MK, Zucker, B., Alvord, B. (2011). Relaxation and Self-Regulation Techniques for Children and Teens: Mastering the Mind-BodyConnection (compact disc and digital). Available through Research Press, Amazon, and Itunes.

Individal titles include:  
Calm Breathing Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Long) Attentive Breathing (Short)
One-Nostril Breathing Self -Talk Mindfulness
Attentive Breathing (Long) Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Short) Visualization (Short)
Visualization (Short)

Resilience Builde ProgramNew Book Released February 2011:
Alvord, M.K., Zucker, B. & Grados, J.J., (2011). Resilience Builder Program for Children and Adolescents: Enhancing Social Competence and Self-Regulation — A Cognitive-Behavioral Group Approach. Champaign, IL: Research Press. For more information, please visit Research Press and/or

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